Bare Necessities Charity

Bare Necessities is an Auckland based charity who supports under privileged new mum’s who don’t have access to post-partum items like maternity pads, nursing pads, nursing cream and maternity clothes. Imagine just having had a baby and you’ve got no maternity pads for the next few weeks of heavy bleeding. You might have a few dollars in your bank account but that’s got to go on petrol or bread or something for the kids. Imagine how upsetting that would be for a new mum! Unfortunately, it’s a reality for so many NZ women and at Bare Necessities we are trying to change this by making sure that no new Mum has to go without.

I've been a volunteer for Bare Necessities for 3 years now and am their Treasurer and Grants officer so it's a charity I'm really passionate about. Because of that; $1 from every sale I make goes to Bare Necessities so when you support Blue Tango you are also supporting this wonderful charity. 

If you would like to read more about Bare Necessities or volunteer to help them out then head to their website (linked above) or their Instagram page @bare_necessities_charity